Labor 6 // Chocho Studio Reshaping the Face

20. März 2021 // 11:1513:15

Echo Can Luo | Chocho Studio Reshaping the Face

Chocho studio reshaping the face is a research-based 3-channel video installation. The virtual Labor will be carried out in the Mozilla Hubs and launch a series of activities in the form of Chocho virtual clinic.

The themes of the labor will involves the algorithms, including 3D modelling, 3D Photogrammetry and face tracking. In addition, the artist will talk about the observation of algorithm bias in the process of applying and testing the software as well as the influence of discrimination and bias on real-life situations and data.

Science and technology extend the lifespan of mankind and Machine learning is expected to help humans evolve even in the field of plastic surgery. However, plastic surgeons must be aware that the artificial intelligence (AI) could create a biased view on patients, instead of promoting objectivity. Social media enable us to communicate in multiple ways, which changes physical distance in a sense, but should they beautify faces through their filters? Is there bias in algorithms behind them?

Behind the development of AI by relevant programmers, we also require transparency and fairness  data and algorithms. Is women’s control of their self-images gradually weakened in the world of digital media? From the perspective of critical thinking, restrictions of virtual reality and AI technology on women will be specially highlighted. Besides, it is hoped that women and minority groups can be encouraged not to be affected by invisible digital bias.

Implementation of the online Labor

The online Labor will be simulated in the Mozilla Hubs (the URL Link will publish before the program starts). The audiences can log in the virtual Labor with URL by using the browser.

They will have 40 minutes free time to visit the exhibition room and research corridor, including watching videos and reading cases. After the exhibition tour, the artist will give a relevant lecture in the virtual room of Mozilla Hubs. The audience can also chat with themselves. Online interactivity will strengthen the exploration of practical topics.

The maximum number of participants

Since the Chocho Labor will be launched in the Mozilla hubs room, which have a maximum capacity of 25 people in-room to ensure performance across devices. However, many more can watch from the lobby, even when the room is full. Users in the lobby can see and hear what’s going on inside the room, and can interact with others through chat.